How To Start A Profitable Blog in 2021
How to Start a Profitable Blog

How To Start A Profitable Blog in 2021

In 2021, how can you earn money online by creating a How To Start Profitable blog.

There are many ways to earn money online, but the easiest and best way is by creating a blog.

What is the benefit of creating a blog?

How To Start A profitable Blog

You can generate income from Autopilot system through blogging.

Blogging is necessary if you want to live life like a boss.

99.9% of people stop in 6 to 7 months after starting blogging. Because they do not know how to start a blog, and how it is ranked in Google

Starting a blog is not difficult, but all of you need guidance in the right way, which helps you to start a successful blog.

Here we have given 8 steps to start a Profitable Blog without mistake. This will help in scaling your blog.

(1) What is the best platform for blogging?

Everyone starts blogging with because is Google’s free platform. Where you can start a blog by writing an article.

But friends, if you want to create a professional blog then you can start it with WordPress.

If you are thinking of making money from blogging then you can start with WordPress.

Because, WordPress has so many plugins that help you to rank your blog in Google.

What is wordpress?

WordPress is an open source content management system. Those who post their articles in WordPress can be ranked in Google.

(2) Choose A Niche For Your Blog

First of all, Newbies make the same mistake that before starting a blog, they are unable to find their Niche.

How To Start A profitable Blog

Before starting a blog, you should understand what topics you should work on.

Most people make the same mistake, that they start blogging on the wrong topic. And stop your blogging in 6 to 7 months

Friends, in which field you have more knowledge. You can explain it to people. So on the same topic you can start Blogging.

Multiple Niches Blog: This means that in addition to one topic on our website, we write articles on many topics, which we call Multiple Niches Blog.

Micro Niches Blog: – This means that you give more than one information on a single topic, which we call Micro Niches Blog.

Give Me Example

Gives information about mobile on his article, such as Vivo, Oppo, Samsung and etc.

On the blog, you write an article about more than one mobile company, which we call Multiple Niche Blog.

But, on your blog, you only write an article about Vivo Mobile, which we call Micro Niche Blog.

(3) Choose A Perfect Domain For Your Blog

Getting a domain is very important to identify a website. No value of your website without a domain.

Newbies First of all, their biggest mistake at the beginning of blogging is that they are not able to take the domain in the manner.

How To Start A profitable Blog

They do not know how to take a domain. And how to find a good Domain Name for your blog.

Friends, I have given some basic tips below, so that you do not make mistakes while taking the domain.

Keep it Simple & Short: Try to keep your domain short, because if the domain is long, you will not be able to pronounce it and will not be able to remember it properly.

Use Keywords: – You can use the Key Keyword in your domain, so that you can quickly rank in Google.

Don’t Use Numbers: – You cannot use numbers in the domain to make the website branded.

Use TLD (Top Level Domain) Extension: – I recommend you to use domain extensions like .com, as it is globally. And Google gives more importance to .Com in ranking.

Example TLD Extension For Your Blog Niche

  1. .Com (Commercial)
  2. .Net (Network)
  3. .Gov (Government)
  4. .Org (Organization)
  5. .edu (education)
  6. .Biz (business)
  7. .info (information)
  8. .name (name)

If you are thinking of taking a domain, then through Godaddy, you can take Top Level Domain (TLD) .Com according to yourself.

(4) Choose A Hosting For Your Blog

Uploading a lot of article videos and images to my blog. But to keep them on the Internet, special space is needed.

Web Hosting provides the service of giving space to all websites on the Internet.

To make our website faster, good web hosting is needed.

Many companies provide web hosting services, such as Godaddy, Hostinger, Bluehost, HostGator & Etc

We recommend to you, that to start a new blog, Hostinger can go with web hosting.

Hostinger web Hosting

Are You Excited to start your business?

You can also listen to other hosting as you wish, yet I recommend you to go with Hostinger.

Because it is affordable and reliable for beginners, who want to blog like a business.

How To purchase hosting For Your First Blog

Step 1:- Click On This Special Link to Start Your Successful Blog

Hostinger web Hosting

I recommend going with WordPress Starter, this is the most popular web hosting, to start blogging..

Step 2 :- choose 1 Year Web hosting for Your Blog

Hostinger web Hosting

Step 3:- Select Your Favorite Domain Name

Hostinger web Hosting

Hostinger Webhosting provides a free domain for you for the first year, from which you can start your blog.

Step 4 :- Sign Up Your Hostinger Account.

Hostinger web Hosting

Step 5 :- Choose a Payment Method

Hostinger web Hosting

You can select the payment method according to your own.

Step 6 :- Enter Your Credit/Debit Card Information

Hostinger web Hosting

To buy hosting, you have to fill your credit / debit card information.

Step 7:- Click Pay Now Button

After filling all the information, click on the Paynow button.

Congratulations! You have successfully purchased a hosting.

Let’s see how you can set up a WordPress blog.

(5) How To Setup WordPress Blog in Hostinger Penal

Setting up a WordPress blog is not a big deal. I have told you in simple language how to set up a WordPress blog.

Step 1: Login the Hostinger account first.

Step 2: – Then click on the Hosting button.

Step 3: – Whatever domain name you have purchased, click on the option to manage on the right side of it

Step 4: – After clicking, you will see this type of Layout.

Click on the auto installer.

After clicking, you will get the option of WordPress, select it.

Step 5: – Fill your Basic Information

After reading all the information, click on install.

Congratulations! You have started your first WordPress blog.

Let’s go ahead

(6) How to make your blog attractive.

How To Start A Profitable Blog

After starting your WordPress blog it is more important to give it a look.

If you did not design the WordPress blog properly, you are losing a lot of traffic and visitors. A good design helps in building more trust and confidence towards your reader

You do not know how attractive WordPress blog can increase user experience. So to know that, you can buy our course.

                Yes I Buy This Course

In WordPress Blog Inventory you will find many free themes, from which you can create Attractive Blog

Step 1 :- Click Appearance > Themes in the first WordPress dashboard.

Step 2:- Click here Add New

Step 3 :- Select Your Favorite Themes

You have installed the favorite theme in WordPress, after that the most difficult and important task is to customize that theme.

After customizing the themes, I am going to tell you about some plugins that every blogger uses.

These plugins will help you to rank Blog in Google

(7) Some essential plugins to make WordPress easier

There are a lot of plugins on WordPress, but I am going to tell you about some plugins that will be easy to optimize your blog.

How To Start A Profitable Blog

So here is the list of my plugins, which I am personally using in my website and you should also

  • Elementor Website Builder
  • contact Form 7
  • WP Rocket
  • thrive lead
  • iThemes Security

(8) Write and publish your post.

If you are wondering how to write a blog post. let me help you to write your first post on your blog.

Go to WordPress Dashboard and click on Post.

How To Start A Profitable Blog

I am going to tell you all the information that you have to take care of while writing the article

Step 1:- First of all, write related post title of the topic on which you want to write the article.

Step 2: – While writing the article, keep in mind that your article should become Seo friendly and the user will like it a lot.

Step 3: – While writing the post, its main keywords can also be used two to three times more.

Step 4: – Seo Optimization Images can be put on your article, so that your article looks good

Step 5 :- Use the main Keyword in the opening paragraph.

you must know how to write SEO Friendly article and publish it.

Let’s learn how to make money from Blog,

Are you excited?

(9) What are the ways to earn money from blogging

First of all thank you that after reading this article, you set up WordPress and posted the first article.

But now the thing is, how can we earn money online by post.

Here are some good ways to earn money from blogging, which you can earn millions of dollars from your blog

AdSense:- AdSense is a Google product that advertises on your website.

Any user will come to your website and if someone clicks on the ads provided by AdSense, you will get its money.

Affiliate Marketing: – This is the best way to earn money online. You can promote other products on your blog

If someone buys a product through your website, then you will get related commission of that product. Which is called Affiliate Marketing.

Guest Post: – As your website gets old and a lot of traffic will start coming. Then you can charge to do guest posts.

Just like if a guy wants to do Guest Post on your website, then according to your charge you can invite Guest Post

Service Provided:- If you are an expert in something. So you can provide service to your reader. And they will pay you directly. This is one of the fastest ways to make money from your blog.

Conclusion:- You will have got the complete information of How To Start A Blog in this post.

By reading this post given by us, you must have learned how to start a blog, and what is processed.

To become a successful blogger, you have to learn many things and apply it on your blog to see the results.

We also keep reading a lot of information to grow our blog. And whatever information we feel is right, they share it with you

I hope you liked this article and maybe after reading this article, it will help to create your successful blog.

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